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Richard & Jean Culmer's MG B Roadster


Richard & Jean Culmer's MG B Roadster



We purchased the car in October 2012, having taken early retirement and deciding we should spend a bit of our children's inheritance and have some fun. Our last sports car was a Mk 3 Triumph Spitfire which we had in the mid 1970s. We bought the MG through Peter Snowden in Harrogate. The previous owner had the car for 15 years, only did 6,000 miles in that time but spent a lot on maintenance and modifications. Peter looked after the car for those 15 years so it came with lots of paperwork and good provenance for the work done. It's had a few panels over the years, engine rebore, high lift cam, overdrive rebuilt etc etc - nothing you wouldn't expect of a 46 year old vehicle.

We didn't get to use the car as much as we would have liked in 2013 as we moved house in the March and had other priorities. However, here's to 2014 and hopes of a long hot dry summer so we can get some miles on the clock. The ride is terrible by modern standards, there are a few rattles and if we get caught in a shower it leaks, but what the heck, it's still fun!!!