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2021 The Black Smith’s Arms Swainby

On the 6 June 2021 twenty six YDCCC members turned up at Applegarth car park for our first run of the year.

2020 Gordon Bulmer Memorial Run and Club Barbecue

A very special day in our club Calendar.


The weatherman said it would rain and it did but it can never dampen our spirits. We just keep our glasses covered.

2020 Round the Houses, Sunday Drive


We all arrived at the Marage car park, Thirsk, around 11.30 hours, the sun was shining and although the plan was to pick up a route from Martin and not stop for a chat many members did, keeping 2 metres apart.

2020 Covid Operation - a picnic in the Dales


After months of inactivity due to Covid 19 it was time to blow the cobwebs away and a 60 mile run in to the Dales was just the ticket.

2020 Cobweb Run


Our first run of the year! A great turnout but there were a few everyday cars for one reason or another.

2019 Quiz Night


The evening went really well considering, on arrival, Tony, Kate, Dave and myself found Romanby Golf Club in darkness.

2019 Fish n Chip Run

Report by Mike Cowan, Photos by Mike, Martin Vinson and Jim Clark.

Anybody who gets as far as Doncaster is Officially L.I.A. “Lost in Action”

2019 Dales Trail

Report by John Gill

This year our members chose to support Age UK, North Yorkshire and Darlington branch.

2019 Gordon Bulmer Memorial Run & BBQ

Report & Photo’s by Stuart Bulmer.

The route this year was very different to most other years as we went in search for some new roads.

2019 Richard and Jean Culmer’s Evening Run

Report by Sheila Mason, Photographs by Jim Turnbull and Richard Culmer

Sixteen cars arrived at the Marage carpark at 18.00 to be greeted by Jean and Richard.

2019 Bill’s Evening Run

Report by Bill Burton

Wow doesn’t the first Wednesday in every June come around fast! Time to get back to the maps and sort out another route.

2019 Weekender to Holy Island


Reports by Dave Simpson & Mike Cowan


The first club weekender for several years took to the roads on Saturday 22nd June after a lousy week of rain and dull days.

2019 Club Excursion to Shildon Railway Museum

Report by John Gill

On the day it dawned wet and windy and a few members turned out in their every day cars, despite the weather we had 17 entries for this excursion into the unknown badlands of Durham.

2019 Scenic Drive


Report by Sheila Mason.


We met at Leeming Bar Services at 10.30 ready to leave at 11.00. The instructions were for route D, apparently, Martin had tried out A, B,C and then chose D.

2019 Cobweb Run

Report by Dave Simpson


The start of a new season, a sunny Sunday morning lots of classic cars with roofs off, here we go!

2018 Fish and Chip Shop Run

21st October  Report by Sheila Mason


Martin Vinson gave out the sixty-mile route and we all noted the warning “Beware of suicidal pheasants.”

2018 Dennis and Lucy’s Run and BBQ

5th August Report by John Gill

We met at Leeming Bar Services at 10.00, we were expecting 5 cars,

but by 10.15 we had eight cars.

2018 Gordon Bulmer Memorial Run

8th July Report by Dave Simpson

Sunday dawned with yet another warm and sunny day, ideal for a classic car run.

2018 Treasure Hunt and BBQ

1st July Report by Sheila Mason


Apparently three cars left the car park and turned in the wrong direction, probably the navigators reading the clues rather than the directions.

2018 Tour of Brittany 12 - 14 June


Report by Martin Vinson


We all arrived at Chateauneuf de Faou by our various routes on the afternoon of Tuesday 12 June.

2018 Bill’s Evening Run - Willies Widdle Wander - 6th June

Report by Sheila Mason


Bill gave out the route much to our amusement when we saw the title " WILLIES WIDDLE WANDER"

2018 Le Tour des Villages - 20th May


Report by Sheila Mason and Martin Vinson


I received two reports on this event so rather than trying to combine them I have include both, one from an entrants’ view point (Sheila) and one from an organisers point of view (Martin).

2018 Kevin and Jim’s Run - 2nd May


Report by John Gill

We met in Applegarth Car park Northallerton at 6.30 for a prompt 7.00 getaway but disaster struck.

2018 Wynyard Hall Run - 15th April


Report by Mike Cowan Photographs Dave Simpson


Arrival at the start was rather disturbing there was a strange glow coming from the sky.

2018 Cobweb Run - 25th March - Report by Dave Simpson
The cobweb this year was not so much a run as a gathering for dinner owing to uncertainty of the weather and a lack of available organisers. We all met at the Waterwheel at Carlton Miniot for a Sunday carvery lunch which was very good. We had a good turn out about 33 people. The weather was poor so couldn’t take any pictures. A good start to the season though

2017 Treasure Hunt and BBQ - 13th August

Report by Sheila Mason

Dave and Kate organized the 51 mile route starting from the Marage, Thirsk car park with the first car leaving at 1.15pm.

2017 Gordon Bulmer Memorial Run - 8th July 2017

Report by Sheila Mason


21 cars met at the Mirage car park Thirsk at 10am, on a wonderful sunny day. We were greeted by Stuart and Lucy and the 2 photographers, Andy Ellis and John Waide.

2017 Richard Culmer’s Evening Run - 5th July 2017

Report by Richard Culmer


15 cars headed out from the Marage car park in Thirsk on yet another magical mystery tour.

2017 Jim Hadfield’s Run To Pendragon Castle - 21st June 2017


Report by Jim Hadfield


After coffee and biscuits, the cars were flagged off for a run through Wensleydale, Swaledale, Garsdale and eventually to Ravenstonedale.

2017 North Yorkshire Scenic Tour - 7th June 2017

(Or Bills cannon ball run).

Report by Dave Simpson

Evening Run - organised by Bill Burton

2017 Cobweb Run - 2nd April 2017


Report by Dave Simpson

First run of the year and off to a good start. Usual problem with the English weather though, roof up or down?

The Fish and Chip Run  - 16 October 2016


Report by John Gill


The Fish and Chip run has become an annual event, perhaps we should have called this the “Alternative Car Run” as the majority of members brought one of their other cars.

2016 Treasure Hunt - 14 August 2016


Report by Sheila Mason


Quite a few members that had not experienced a Treasure Hunt run before, they left  with enthusiasm and confidence, while the seasoned members left with trepidation.

2016 A Night at the Museum by Richard Culmer - 13th July 2016


Report by John Gill


On a grey, not very special evening weather wise, around 18 members met in Thornton-le-Dale.

2016 Gordon Bulmer Memorial Run by Sheila Mason - 10th July 2016

Report by John Gill

Thanks to Stuart and Lucy for organising such a good run in memory of Stuart’s farther Gordon.

2016 Tour de Northallerton - 22nd June 2016

Report by John Gill

Bill and Mavis Burton organised our second evening run of the evening aptly named Tour de Northallerton.

2016 The Chairman’s Evening Run - 1st June 2016

Report by John Gill


Our Chairman Dave Simpson arranged the first evening run or the year. The weather was typically British; it rained from start to finish!!

2016 Tan Hill Adventure - 22nd May 2016

Report by John Gill


Thirteen cars met in the Applegarth car park at 10.45 with Richard and Jean meeting us for lunch.

2016 21 Engineer Regiment Sapper 300 Open Day - 7th May 2016


Report by Sheila Mason


Sapper 300 commemorates the tercentenary anniversary of the Warrant made by King George I on 26th May 1716.

2016 Cobweb Run - 3rd April 2016


Report by John Gill


This year’s cobweb run had a different format to previous years.

2015 Dalton Dash - 16th August 2015


Report by Sheila Mason


Different tales of the run! We then sat down to a wonderful BBQ with plenty of laughter, mostly about the run.

2015 Treasure Hunt - 19th July 2015

Report by Sheila Mason

Everyone was concentrating so much on the questions that no one took any pictures.

2015 Evening Run - 1st July 2015

Bill’s Bangers and Mash Run

After a blisteringly hot day followed by a wild thunder storm the evening was warm and pleasant.

2015 Run and BBQ - 14th June 2015

Report by John Gill

Richard’s route included every hill and hairpin bend between Thirsk and Northallerton.

2015 Evening Run - 3rd June 2015

Pie and Pea Run

The weather was kind to us and we had a great turn out of some 16 cars.

2015 Evening Run - 20th May 2015


Report by Dave Simpson


The route took just over the hour circling round many local villages.

YDCCC - Dales Trail


2018 Dales Trail

2nd September Report by John Gill

This year our chosen charity is the Pendragon Trust which is a Northallerton based charity which provides support to the lives of people with physical difficulties.

2016 Dales Trail - 18th September 2016

Report by John Gill


This year the members decided to adopt the Pancreatic Cancer UK Charity for our fundraising in memory of Gordon Bulmer.

2015 Dales Trail - 20th September 2015


Report by John Gill


This year we had over 40 entrants from near and far and a superb variety of classic cars.

2014 Dales Trail - 21st September 2014


Report by Dave Simpson


There was a lot of debate about whether to have the roof up or down, most people made the brave choice and went topless !

2012 Dales Trail


Report by Bryan Watson


This year saw us start from a new venue, Romanby Golf & Country Club. This proved to be a popular choice, but it could be put down to the availability of bacon butties?

2012 Dales Trail

2011 Dales Trail


Report by Dave Simpson


If you were a soft top owner guess you could call this year’s Dales Trail an up and down sort of day.

Dales Trail 2011

2010 Dales Trail


Report by Dave Simpson


Kiplin Hall was once again the venue for the 2010 Dales Trail, it started damp and just got better an better, we got the tea girls working hard and the cars attracted quite a crowd.

2010 Dales Trail