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2021 The Martin Vinson Run

We met again at the Marage carpark on a sunny Wednesday evening for Martin’s run over the moors.

Disaster struck Angela and I on the way to Thirsk, the wing mirror fell off our MGB and landed in the middle of the road. We were late but nearly at the car park so we nipped in and told Martin of our problem and asked him to wait for us whilst we went back for the mirror. Off we set, the mirror was still in the middle of the road and no one had run over it, Angela nipped out and recovered it. The glass was broken but the case was intact.


We sat with Tony and Sheila at the meal and I was telling them my sorry tale, Tony said I have one of those in the garage you can have it, I nipped round a couple of days later and he had three for me to choose from. Thanks Tony a happy ending!

Back to the run. After the usual discussions about cars and other matters Martin handed out the route instruction with the warning “One section of the route was closed at the beginning of the week but the workmen have said they will be finished by Wednesday, if the road is closed you will have to follow the diversions and pick up the route where you can”. I am pleased to say that on the night the road was open and we were treated to a long section of smooth new tarmac.

The first challenge was to go through a white farm gate which was situated across the road, Martin said he would be there to hold it open. I have to say that there was a white gate just round the corner before Martin’s gate and one member who shall remain nameless was trying to open it and go up someone’s drive. I am pleased to say they did make it to the pub in time for the meal!

We headed towards Knayton then turned up through Borrowby, we crossed the A19 and drove into Thimbleby. From there we headed up to Square Corner on the moors. From this point the navigators had a rest as we travelled 13.6 miles without a deviation, the drivers had their hands full on the twisty road. We were heading for Hawnby. From here we were heading back to Thirsk via Felixkirk and Upsall to name two of the pretty villages we drove through. Did anyone else meet the milk wagon on the road to Upsall, we were able to shoot up some ones drive as he came roaring round a blind bend!

All cars arrived at the Old Oak tree in South Kilvington in good time for a well-earned drink and food.

The food was great and the service was excellent, especially from Lucy, Sheila’s granddaughter! It was pleasant to be able to eat indoors with some form of normality after all these months. Most people were wearing masks whilst moving around let’s hope common sense prevails and we do not get a wave of cases in the autumn.

Thank you to Martin and Jackie Vinson for organising this event.



Now spot your car as you drive through the white gate.