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Event Report


2021 Fish n Chip Shop Run 31st October

Report by Dave Simpson


T’was a wet and stormy morn on Halloween when the local branch of ghoulies and witches gathered at Scotch Corner for their annual rising from their resting places to attack a fish restaurant many miles away. The chief organiser now known as missing gear Mike gave out instructions where to terrorise the local population before the group sallied forth in their chariots.

In order to cause as much terror along the way they were told to pass through many villages and to take a devious and twisty passage to their destination. Unfortunately, one chariot in a gorgeous shade of black failed to start so with heavy heart he was left to scare travelling humans at the service station all alone. We hope he made it back to the after world before midnight.

Along the route the weather did not improve it remained a dark wet and stormy passage which was to our advantage as sunshine makes us happy and joyous and we wouldn’t want that would we? After many hours of travelling passing through deep floods which some chariots found a trifle awkward the spooky band arrived at the eating place which as you know only happens once per calendar year, so it was with great misery that the group attacked the hostelry.

Fortunately, the human staff were not frightened away as the secretary “Witch” cast a spell that made everyone appear normal well as normal as possible. A generous portion of fish and chips was served, after which missing gear Mike awarded a token of esteem to the smartest Witch known as calamity Kate and a free dinner awarded by the owner (mainly to curry favour with the after world to bring more customers), to Norma of the green nose.

At this stage the storm clouds disappeared, and the dreadful sun forced its way through which made all dash to their chariots to get back to the safety of the dark side.

All the group thought it was a successful foray into the human world and decided to do it again in another year.