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Event Report


2020 Round the Houses, Sunday Drive

Report by Sheila Mason pictures by Martin Vinson


We all arrived at the Marage car park, Thirsk, around 11.30 hours, the sun was shining and although the plan was to pick up a route from Martin and not stop for a chat many members did, keeping 2 metres apart. The total number of cars on the run was 19, 4-MGBGTs, 1-MGTF,2-MGFs, 4-MGBs ,1-MG RV8, 2-Maxda MX5s, 1-Porsche, 1-Triumph Stag, 1-Saab 900 and 2 everyday cars (I would not call Lucys Mercedes CLK Cabriolet an everyday car but then I am biased towards the three pointed star! - ED) The colours ranged from chartreuse, green, red, maroon, purple, blue and black, what a pretty sight!



The route was a distance of 64 miles with many twisty bits and a warning from Martin that the navigators should keep alert, watch mileages as some turns were not obvious, sadly 2 navigators failed [ no names given] and missed a couple of turns but the rest had no problems. The route took us through many pretty villages including the Siltons, Maunby, Coxwold, and Kilburn and some roads, as Martin had warned ,were very twisty and some single track with passing places, all the more interesting. The weather was very changeable , one minute sunshine and the next a shower but as we arrived at The Old Oak Tree the sun was shining, everyone arrived before the allotted time of 14.30 hours for lunch, there were 28 members having lunch but quite a few , not eating , stayed in the car park for a chat . It was lovely to see our nonagenarian navigator, Ken Gill, navigating for his son John, once more on the road; I bet he did not get lost. I confess we took two wrong turns, one in Thirsk after the mini roundabout and one earlier, the turn into Newsome lane I think it was called, we had to drive a fair way to turn round. My Dad being a retired accountant manages to quickly compute in his head the revised mileage taking into account the extra miles we did, the old MG odometer creeps a bit anyway so he has to adjust the mileage in his head every 15 miles or so anyway and if I go wrong several times he reprogrammes several times, I would need a spreadsheet! - ED

The Old Oak Tree looked after us very well, fully covid compliant, we had our own dining room with tables of 4, everyone appeared to enjoy their food and for a few hours it seemed as if life had returned to normal.

A big thank you, from all who took part, to Jackie and Martin for organising the route and venue, we all know how time consuming these events are to plan.