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Yorkshire Dales Classic Car Club


Event Report


2020 Cobweb Run


Report by Mike Cowen, Pictures by Lucy Wheatley and Julie Swales



Our first run of the year! Is this the beginning of a halcyon year or one we will be glad to survive? A great turnout but there were a few everyday cars for one reason or another. Some were still in bed others were under the car doctor. As ever when we get together there was plenty of chat and debate going on. Stories of work carried out over the winter were plenty, some cars were still being worked on others had been worked on and one in particular will prove that later. He wheelie will!

We could have talked all day but Lucy and Dennis were well organized and on the stroke of 11.30 with instructions handed to the nervous navigators it was time to head out. Now, time for a question! Guess who was first to leave? Correct! Why Sheila does not have a neck brace on permanently is beyond most of us. As soon as Lucy said go Tony was knocking seconds off the 0-60 record for the MGB.

The rest of us gradually meandered out and it was not long before the first hold up. It was caused by two lady drivers (not connected to YDCCC) inspecting a car that had been slightly pranged. No jokes please lads.

A few miles on and we met two more lady drivers. This time they were on horseback but the horses did not like the pieces of metal with greater horsepower than them and so they were kicking up......literally.

The kick in the teeth averted could we please get on with the run.


Yet another hold up and this one was definitely down to a member of YDCCC.

Our leader was now NOT breaking speed records; in fact he was now kicking and pulling on a wheel and not the steering wheel. Strange pastime but whatever takes your fancy. Tony had chosen the narrowest road on the run to take a break but as the line of cars behind squeezed past everyone offered help and advice some good others not so complementary. Tony took it all in good heart while still wondering what was that rattle on his beloved MGB. More of that tale later.

The route that had been chosen was familiar to Jackie and me. We had used part of the route two years ago when we organized a run that left from Wynyard Hall. For us a timeless run that crisscrosses the river Tees. As we passed through Croft, Hurworth and Neasham it brought back many memories for us. Then it was on towards Crathorne and eventually in to Swainby and our destination of the Blacksmith’s Arms.

The question on everyone’s lips was where were Tony and Sheila? Would they be here in Sheila’s car or would the MGB make it? What was that rattle on the MGB? They were nowhere to be seen. This was now serious. Tony is always first to finish no matter what.

As we sat there without our leader a bedraggled Sheila came through the door followed by a very sheepish looking Tony. “Oh thank goodness, where have you been” we all asked.

Sheila said “Ask him”
“The wheel came off!!!” Tony said
Before we burst with laughter we said “Wheelie”
There was more. Sheila then said. “We can’t find it”

Now I have to mention that we are all classic car enthusiasts and I think I’m right in saying we would all help each other in a time of need and we would all feel for the car that has a problem and is off the road.


The thing is this was wheelie funny and was the talk of an excellent Sunday lunch in lovely surroundings.

You have to remember Tony is as particular as we all are and every minuscule detail on his cars is checked multiple times. So for Tony to have lost a wheel due to “loose nuts” (new nickname?) is quite extraordinary!

The finer details came out during lunch and it was going to cost Tony £150 for a new wheel.

After the meal as we all departed, the togetherness of the club came together, and the wreal search took place. First on site was Paul. His investigations were fruitless then Tony and Dave turned up.

The wheel was nowhere to be seen! Paul left and that was that. Tony was now £150 out of pocket.

Not Dave. He was not going to let this go. The wheel came off here and it can’t be far away.

He found a five bar gate some 150yards away and clambering on to the top bar he stretched his neck and two fields away he spotted, on a slight rise in the ground, a dark bump!

Our chairman then proceeded to plod his way through the muddy fields and finally reached the “Dark bump” it was Tony’s wheel.

Amassing it had jumped three hedges two ditches and a water feature.

The wheel is now entered in the Grand National, whenever it is next staged.

Stay safe everyone.