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Yorkshire Dales Classic Car Club


Event Report


2019 Fish n Chip Run


Report by Mike Cowan, Photos by Mike, Martin Vinson and Jim Clark.


We gathered in the Applegarth car park at around 9.30 for the last run of the year. Always a sad day. Undeterred by the weather forecast which described Sunday as WET! 15 cars had turned out admittedly some were in day cars but that was totally understandable given the date of mid-October and the anticipated deluge.


Jim Clarke and myself fended off the usual questions of where are we finishing but Jim had his devious hat on and the venue for the Fish and Chips was a closely guarded secret so much so that even I did not know which would be fine apart from the small matter that I had to put the club banner outside so everyone could arrive safely.


Today we had a new partnership in Kevin and Sue. How was it going to work out? Time will tell.


The rain started just after we left and so after erecting the banner at the right location.... hopefully. We headed to Masham where we were persuading everyone to stop for a “widdle stop”.


It was at this point I was meant to take photos but with the rain getting heavier a cup of tea was more favourable.


I did get a great shot of Tony and Sheila coming over the bridge just outside Masham.


Now what about the new combination. Well at the “Widdle stop” it was all smiles. So far so good, then out of the European Mazda MX5 of Mr Turnbull which had been following them came Jim and Carol to say “oh I thought you were Tony and Sheila “. At this point I have to say Jim has not long had an eye operation hmmm. He then announced that Kevin had a rear indicator out. Sue had a good answer to that by offering to putt her hand out of the window. Ok on a good day but today......


I did manage a few photos before heading to the warmth of the Green Dragon at Excelby. Despite some very minor issues and a delay in getting fed no one complained. Mainly as everyone was having a good chat with either old friends or new. It was nice to see some new members on the run and hopefully you come back.


I have to say it was a great atmosphere on Sunday and thanks must go not only to Jim Clarke for organizing a great end of season run but also to our leaders for all the hard work put in through the year.


Here’s to the runs of 2020. Jim sent me the “pace notes” for the run I have not copied then here but include his instructions to entrants as I thought they were amusing -ED.




Pre Run Briefing for: DRIVERS & NAVIGATORS Page 1


Please Remember “THIS IS NOT A RACE” (Oh What a Shame )


Please Observe all Speed Limits in particular when going through Villages & going down Twisty Narrow Country Lanes which the local highways departments have overlooked for many years!


Please be warned there are some “Killer Potholes” out there.


The Route has a 30 minute Comfort Break built in for (Coffee / Tea / Toilet)


Please check you’re Route Notes.


Have an enjoyable run and hopefully we will see you all at the End. Anybody who gets as far as Doncaster is Officially L.I.A. “Lost in Action”


So, send me a Post Card or give me a Ring if you are lost or have broken down.


Finally, I would just like to say THANKYOU to everyone for Turning out & supporting our last club event of the Year.
Well done everybody enjoy your meals and have a Safe Journey Home.


The first set are in the car park there are 21 cars, Bill Burton said 29 set off so if you are not in this montage apologies! – note from Martin Vinson