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Event Report


2019 Bill’s Evening Run - 5th June


Report by Bill Burton

Wow doesn’t the first Wednesday in every June come around fast! Time to get back to the maps and sort out another route. Mavis thought we had done Caydale Mill enough, so back to the drawing boards. I love to start and finish at the Fox & Hounds, their facilities and food, in my opinion, are second to none.

So here we go! I knew a few roads we wanted to use, so strung them together, with a bit of tweaking it looked good on paper, so we tried it out about 3 times. Hope you all enjoyed the beautiful cocker spaniel and the glorious rhododendrons, all at no extra charge, what we didn’t expect was the 12 minutes past 7 train out of Thirsk to be early!! Never mind, all made it back to the Fox in time for a delicious supper, which made it all worthwhile for Mavis & myself.

Many thanks to Steve for taking the photos & the staff at the Fox for ‘putting the icing on the cake’ so to speak!!

Couldn’t believe the tremendous turnout, 29 cars! Just shows the attraction of Bangers & Mash, delicious they were. Roll on next year, but not as fast!!

Thanks to Mavis & Bill Burton for an excellent evening run.

Bill arranged for a photographer to take some pictures of the cars on the event so here they are, may be more pictures than normal but they are rather good – ED

The first set are in the car park there are 21 cars, Bill said 29 set off so if you are not in this montage apologies!




Waiting for the 7.12 train from Thirsk!!



The next shots are of the waters splash. Not sure who had the biggest bow wave this year, but the Rolls did a good job for its age, which incidentally is one year younger than my navigator!! Note Bill was on hand in case of emergency.



All went well no break downs and back to the pub for a meal.