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2018 Dennis and Lucyís Run and BBQ


5th August Report by John Gill


We met at Leeming Bar Services at 10.00, we were expecting 5 cars but by 10.15 we had eight cars. Ian Parminter was in America but Julie turned up in her VW with a friend and her dog, she was going to come in Ianís MG TD but he had hidden the keys. Martin and Jackie brought their two dogs but they turned out to be a handful. Eight cars was a good turnout considering there were several other events being held on the same day. The MGOC Pudding Run was on, it was noted that some club members had defected to this event. The Nostalgia weekend was on at Croft and Jim and Kevin were at the Northern meeting of the RREC at Harewood House, Jim is chief marshal and so had to attend.


Dennis handed out the route directions and gave us a few last minute instructions before the off.



The route was 100.4 miles long, quite an epic; some of us donít have to do the Dales Trail now! The route took in Leyburn and Buckden, we continued on to Kettlewell, the most southerly point on the route. By the time we got to Kettlewell we had waved to over 90 MG and assorted Classic cars on the Yorkshire Pudding Run who were coming in the opposite direction. Just south of Kettlewell the route turned north to Arncliffe and back up to Hawes. It was on this section of road that Dad and I made our only mistake; Dennis had pointed out that there was a little cafe on this section of road between Horton in Ribblesdale and the Ribblehead Viaduct. Dennis even said the price of the tea and coffee was stuck in the 1940s, this appealed to Dad. I was pressing on to make up time and the first thing I saw was everyone sat outside having refreshments, it was too late we were passed.

We missed the excitement at the cafe, Sheila spilt coffee down her blouse, fortunately Joan had a spare one in their car.

On the road to Hawes, we were passed by several motorbikes, I am sure all the riders had a death wish, did anyone else encounter this problem? Is it just me that is annoyed by the THINK BIKE signs on these roads there should be an equal number of THINK CAR signs!

Hawes was jam packed with cars bikes and people, fortunately we turned off the main road just before leaving Hawes and had a pleasant and quiet run through Redmire and on to Wensley before heading to Middleham and on to Ilton and Dennisís house for the BBQ.

Martin and Jackie were having trouble with their dogs and decided at the halfway point to cut the run short and go straight to the BBQ, however it turned out they only did one mile less than the rest of us!

The sun was still shining so we had the BBQ in the garden with the cooking being done in Dennisís spacious garage.



The format of the BBQ is: bring your own meat and cook it yourself, all salads and bread being provided by Dennis and Lucy. The desserts that followed are to die for especially Lucyís trifle. The reputation of which is widespread, Sheila was tasked by Jim Clark to spirit him a portion away so he could enjoy it on Monday!




We all paid an entry fee of £5 to go on the run which raised £80; Lucy made this up to £100 for her chosen charity Medicins sans Frontieres another good result on behalf of YDCCC members.


Thank you Dennis and Lucy for a super run and BBQ.