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Yorkshire Dales Classic Car Club


Martin Vinsonís MGB GT



"I bought a car with rubber bumpers, cos is matched with all my jumpers!

What will all you others feel, as it isn't stainless steel?

Also the increased ride height makes it a little easier on some of the roads that the YDCCC tend to frequent!"




Not exactly a Classic like my MBB GT, though no-one seems to be able to come up with a definition of that term. Indeed will it ever live long enough to become one, bearing in mind all the technology that will almost certainly go wrong, probably in the not too distant future, and be horrendously expensive to put right! However, I suggest that it is a modern thoroughbred. It is also great fun to drive, and does not sit in a garage waiting for sunny weather, but is my, almost, daily driver!

I am too old for a mid life crisis, so I suppose this must be a late life crisis, at any rate a final fling!