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Event Report


2020 Gordon Bulmer Memorial Run and Club Barbecue

A very special day in our club Calendar.


The weatherman said it would rain and it did but it can never dampen our spirits. We just keep our glasses covered.


Setting off from Darlington, yes Dave over the border, we had the first shower of the day. Our starting point was the historic market town of Bedale. Been around since 1251. Older than you Dave. The wide high street with its cobbles made a great meeting point and as ever the chatter was intense and some were late setting off because of the chatter, yours truly included but not Tony. First out of the blocks in his newly acquired MGB V8 that used to belong to Ian. Tony was so jealous he had to buy it but did he need to test the 0 - 60 time on what was never going to be a sprint. Making a welcome return was Barry who had to undergo a hip operation this had forced the sale of his MGB but in its place and making its debut was his 1978 Daimler and what an addition to the classic car club. Great to have you back Barry. By now the sun had made an appearance so the roofs came down but you felt it was only a matter of time before the inevitable happened.


Stuart and co-driver Lucy have a reputation of setting great trails and if the 4 pages of details were anything to go by this trail was going to reaffirm that reputation.

As many of you know Jackie has a bit of trouble with lefts and rights. Stuart had been so kind to Jackie and to help her and as a consequence me Stuart had put an L in the left top and bottom corners of the details and a R on the right side. Even a whack on the arm from Jackie did not stifle his snickering. I have to say it worked.



The route headed straight for the Dales and very soon we were passing the firing range outside of Catterick army base. Thankfully, the flags were not flying. The rain then started again and it was time to put the roof back up. It was nice while it lasted. As we dropped down towards Reeth the view was truly breath taking. We meandered north out of Swaledale the route taking us towards Teasdale and the village of Bowes that is always the first place to be cut off when the snow comes down then under the A66 and in to Teesdale. In the three years Jackie and I have been members we have hardly ever been on a run north of the A66. Shame really as so many lovely roads surrounded by great scenery.


Some of the instructions made us smile. “Road narrow and bumpy and sheep with no road sense” and “ CARE! at downhill section over bridge BUMPY!” They were right.


Then it was time for a break and an ice cream at a beauty spot by Bollihope burn. Great place to spend a sunny Sunday afternoon. This was definitely not a sunny Sunday afternoon but the ice cream was wonderful and the umbrella kept us dry.


Time to turn for home and passing through the villages of Staindrop and Winston brought back memories of my days delivering the post in the area. As we passed over the A1 and A66 junction at Scotch Corner the service station and more importantly toilets came in to view. A welcome relief. Those looking forward to the Fish and Chip run take note of these services.


The route had been 115 miles of good driving but I for one was ready for some food. The venue was club members Paul and Tina’s farm.



The Arrival!!

What a great location plenty of room to park all the cars, sit and cook under cover and for us to admire Paul’s car collection.



In the past the Barbecue has always been kept in house. With club members doing the cooking and preparation but the numbers have grown over the years and outsourcing the cooking was a great idea. Some of the preparation was still done by the members, especially the puddings. We have some great cooks in our club. A big thank you to all who helped make the day special.



The stories of distress started to come out and after Tony’s loose nuts you would think his bad luck would be behind him but just after praising his MGB V8 he lost power. Thankfully, he was traveling in a group of cars including at least three mechanics who quickly found the problem to be a loose wire on the fuel pump. Have you upset someone Tony?


I nearly forgot to mention another lovely car making its debut. The Austin 1300 MG of Pete and Sue. What a beauty. It brought back memories of my first car.



As I sat there contemplating what a great day it had been Stuart asked me what “was the wire hanging down from Midge”? Checking it out we found it was the washer pipe that had come free. Phew!


Time to head home.


Stuart and Lucy your reputation is intact.


Paul and Tina, you are stars, thank you again from all members.