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2018 Wynyard Hall Run


15th April Report by Mike Cowan, Photographs Dave Simpson


Arrival at the start was rather disturbing there was a strange glow coming from the sky. We have never seen anything like it before, at least not for a while.


Yes, the sun was shining and with cars just out of hibernation they all looked stunning in front of the 18th century Wynyard Hall.




Twenty cars were out for a spring jaunt which maybe turned out to be more of an endurance test for not only cars but drivers and navigators alike. That said with the sun out and temperatures on the up it was time to "Keep Calm and go topless”.


Yes, the roofs came down and the smiles were wide and why not it's been a long winter.



Along with my nagging navigator we headed to the hills to check that all was well. It was only after we had been there for an hour that I realized there was no phone signal. We then got word of a gaggle of members had stopped in Stokesley for a comfort break, so we headed back down the run and quickly found all but one.



We toured round and then from out of the back of the high street we spotted the missing one so all was well. Or so we thought. Sadly I later learned it had refused to start. After an hour it had fired up and all was well but quite rightly he headed straight home. This was after he tried to call me but yes you guessed it we were out of reach.



The finish was at the Sutton Arms at Elton and it was a welcome site. We were well served with a proper Sunday lunch. The perfect end to the start of the summer’s activities.