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Event Report


Tour de Northallerton - 22nd June 2016

Report by John Gill

Bill and Mavis Burton organised our second evening run of the evening aptly named Tour de Northallerton.


Thirteen cars met at the Fox and Hounds Bullamoor, all cars arriving in good time, our master of ceremonies Bill handed out route instructions and pens to the navigators. Our MGB is still in the garage so Angela and I decided to act as sweepers in the SLK and bring up the rear so we were the last to leave. I am pleased to say it was a beautiful night and every car that could had its roof down.





The route took us on the back road down to Borrowby then onto South Otterington and then towards Maunby.

It was on the back road to Maunby that we came across Richard Culmer at the side of the road with the bonnet up. He was having fuel vaporization issues as the engine was getting too hot on the slow windy roads. We exchanged telephone number and Richard said they would be on their way shortly. It was not long before they caught up with us and we drove in tandem for a while before they stopped again.

I am pleased to say that they made it back to the Fox and Hounds, I asked Richard what happened the second time. He said I was driving too slowly on the narrow lanes and he overheated again!! In my defence I would like to say the SLK is a lot wider than an MGB and the picture below shows what happened to me on a similar road a few years ago!




I was hit by a Corsa, you may be able to see his tyre marks, he skidded for 40 yards before hitting me! I had only had the Porsche for one day; it had only done 60 miles!! I had waited six months for it to be built I then had to wait two months to get it fixed. Hence my fear of narrow roads.

Back to the run. We then went to Ainderby Steeple, by this time we were some way behind the other cars but spotted Jim and Kevin coming out of the Wellington Heifer pub, they said it was just a comfort break but I suspect beer was involved!
Next we drove to Kirby Fleetham and then over Langton Bridge, where Bill and Mavis were taking pictures.















The route took us to Streetlam and onto Danby Wiske before heading to Brompton and then arriving back in Bullamoor.

We enjoyed Bangers and Mash at the Fox and Hounds in convivial surroundings, there was a lot of chat about the evenings Tour de Northallerton, not sure who won the yellow jersey!

Thanks to Bill and Mavis for organising an excellent evening run.