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2016 Fish and Chip Run - 16 October 2016


Report by John Gill

The Fish and Chip run has become an annual event and this year it was held on 16 October. Perhaps we should have called this the “Alternative Car Run” as the majority of members brought one of their other cars; vehicles we have not seen on runs before. The reason for this was that the route we planned was on wider roads than normal so that the limousines could be wheeled out! There was only one short section where there were no white lines down the centre of the roads, country roads less than 5.5m wide do not require road markings so there should have been enough room for the cars.

Twelve cars turned up at Applegarth car park at 10.00. It was a cold and overcast morning so a number of members disappeared into Costa Coffee.


We had more Jaguars than MGs! Bill Wheatley and Ian Parminter brought their XJ8s, Denis brought his MK10 and Martin Vinson brought his XK8 which is equally wide. Jim Clark’s Bentley was not present it is not proceeding!! Trouble with leaking hydrostatic suspension, I thought it was only Minis that leaked green fluid on the drive?

Kevin Hails brought his Land Rover Series 1 and Bill Burton was in Mavis’s Beetle I think everyone else was in their normal Chariot. One none starter was Jim Hadfield; someone has run into the back of his gorgeous Alfa Spider, fortunately not too much damage so, it will be back, as they say in the movies.


This was the first outing for our MGB since we were “airlifted” home from the Dales Trail, I was a bit apprehensive so Jim Clark “Iceman” (his call sign if you have seen the film Top Gun) acted as my wing man and followed us with a tow rope in his boot.


Angela and I had planned the route and as my Dad had not done the route we decided to do it with everyone else with Dad navigating, just as well because half way round I forgot where I was going!

The route took us north to Great Smeaton then right to Hornby at the next left turn to Yarm, Bill Burton went straight on! He blamed Dennis who he was following, Dennis blamed Martin who he was following and Martin blamed his navigator!

The route followed the back roads into Great Ayton, a road a number of members even though regular visitors to Great Ayton had not travelled on before. We then went over the moors to Commondale. There were a few steep hills and hairpin bends but everyone made it. The next challenge was turning right across the traffic onto the A171 to Whitby. It was a very busy junction and it looked as though everyone was going to our fish and chip restaurant.

We turned of the A171 towards Liverton and our final destination Saltburn. One final gem on the route before Saltburn was Brotton the birth place of Charles Robinson Sykes the sculptor of the Rolls-Royce mascot the Spirit of Ecstasy.

By the time we arrived in Saltburn the weather had picked up and it was quite pleasant. The preferred restaurant was the Seaview Cafe where we had a fine plate of fish and chips. Afterwards members explored the sea front.