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Event Report


2016 Cobweb Run - 3rd April 2016


Report by John Gill


This yearís cobweb run had a different format to previous years, it was organised by Dennis Wheatly in conjunction with the Jaguar Drivers Club (JDC) and what an excellent start to the season it was.

We met at the Scotch Corner Hotel at 10 oíclock where Dennis had arranged for tea and coffee in the lounge before the off!

There was a good selection of cars but some notable absences! Ken and John Gillís MG was not proceeding; members of the RREC and all those who later watched one of Dennisís films will know what I mean. We are having problems with the carburettors; Jim Clark spent so much time trying to sort it on the Saturday but to no avail, that he did not get time to get the Bentley out from the back of the garage so he had to hitch a lift with Kevin and Billy. There was a nice looking AC Ace (I think thatís what it was) a member of the JDC? He set behind us but soon disappeared not to be seen again, anyone know the fate of this car?

The weather was fine as we set off west on the A66; we turned off left and headed for Richmond via Gilling West. As we drove out of Richmond, west along Swale Dale, Reeth appeared in the distance bathed in glorious sunshine, truly Gods own country!

We turned left in Grinton up and over the hill to Leyburn and on to Masham, next stop Dennisís home in Ilton where he was waiting to greet us in his garage.

As the BBQs warmed up members had time to fraternise with members of the JDC and to look over some of Dennisís projects.

Members took meat of their choice to be cooked on the BBQ, all the salads and desserts were provided by Dennisís wife Lucy. Following and excellent BBQ the men retired to Dennisís rather large den to watch some motoring films whilst the ladies drank wine round the fire.

Mark admiring the new seats in Martinís MGB GT


Angusís Honda ST2000 (Jowett still no engine installed!)



Ianís fine MG Ė the oldest car in the club?


Billís Beast!

Billís Beast!



A fine car park!



Members discussing the finer points of the XK engine


The JDC and YDCCC Chairmanís wives together with our
secretary discussing the next club outing or just complaining
about their husbands car antics?


Something caught Jim and Billyís eye


Dennis was on hand to answer technical questions!